University Ultrapure Water System in the Northeast

One of our nation's top research universities, located in Massachusetts, decided it was time to explore the emerging technologies of today's high tech world.  As a result, the university invested in a state-of-the-art academic facility focused upon the study and development of emerging technologies such as nanomedicine, nanomanufacturing, biomaterials development and others.

In order to study such highly advanced technologies the laboratories within the facility require clean environments, quality equipment, high purity gases and ultrapure water for precise experiments.  The university decided that it needed an extremely high quality of water that would meet the standards for ASTM Type 1A Reagent Grade Water as determined and specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials.  The water quality would meet resistivity requirements of 18 megohms/cm2, heterotrophic bacteria counts (HBC) of less than 10/1000 cfu/mL, total organic carbon (TOC) content of less than 50 ppb and Endotoxin levels of less than 0.03 EU/mL.

Fortunately, there are OEMs like Filter & Water Technologies, Inc. that understand the quality requirements of such highly sophisticated research universities and have the expertise to design and build ultrapure water systems which meet and/or exceed those quality requirements.

The pictures of this ultrapure water system, as designed and fabricated by Filter & Water Technologies, is an excellent illustration of an experienced OEM that consistently exhibits the ability to meet customer requirements.   

For more information about systems such as these and others please contact Filter & Water Technologies' application engineering department at 267-450-4900.