Laboratory Water Systems in Pennsylvania

A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, measurement and experiments are performed.

Various types of laboratories exist and  include biochemistry, hospital, microbiology, pathology, public health and numerous others.  High purity water is essential to the successful operation of a vast majority of these laboratories. The water used for preparation of reagents, experimentation, blood analysis, sterilizing of equipment and even washing of glassware can influence the results of sensitive analytical testing. Filter & Water Technologies provides customized solutions for laboratories depending upon the type of work performed in and by the respective laboratory and the quality of water necessary for the performance of that work.

The pictures of systems in this section depict the various types of equipment arrangements which can be applicable depending upon the given nature of the laboratory.

For more information about systems such as these and others please contact Filter & Water Technologies' application engineering department at 267-450-4900.