Electronic Grade Water System in Greater Philadelphia Area

One of the world's leading suppliers of technically advanced aerospace and defense products recently decided to upgrade its manufacturing capabilities to meet current and projected demands for intelligence surveillance sensors and camera devices.

The new facility which included the addition of numerous clean rooms also required the design, fabrication and installation of a new electronic grade water system to be used to clean and rinse the highly sensitive electronic components associated with the company's products.

Filter & Water Technologies provided a detailed proposal for the ultrapure water system and guaranteed the system would meet the customer's specified performance requirements.  Filter & Water Technologies' engineering and fabrication group designed the system to fit into the allocated space and provided on-time delivery of the system.

The system meets Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Standards and is consistently providing a quality of water that surpasses the customer's performance requirements. 

For more information about systems such as this and others please contact Filter & Water Technologies' application engineering department at 267-450-4900.