Beverage Manufacturer in Pennsylvania

When a 75 year old manufacturer of apple cider recently decided to upgrade its manufacturing facility it also decided it was time to use a consistent quality of water in the manufacturing process.

The company's now diverse line of beverages included not only ciders but also lemonades and teas. The company turned to Filter & Water Technologies to design a membrane filtration system which would provide removal of dissolved mineral salts from the incoming municipal water. Space in the facility was limited and Filter & Water Technologies' design engineers were challenged to come up with a special design which would incorporate all of the necessary equipment on a single skid.

The pictures of this compact membrane filtration system, as designed and fabricated by Filter & Water Technologies, is a good illustration of our company's ability to meet customer requirements.   

For more information about systems such as this and others please contact Filter & Water Technologies' application engineering department at 267-450-4900.